Little green girl

First to join my flock was my Indian Ringneck, Ringo. I don’t know her exact hatchday, but I remember the day I got her very vividly.

It was 01.03. 2008. I was walking home from classes I had earlier that  day. For some reason I decided to go home by train and not by bus. I came too early to my train station and decided to walk around the nearest mall to make the waiting time go by quicker. I stopped at the small pet shop and, through a window, I saw her. She was in a tiny cage swinging around and not really paying attention to her surroundings. That pretty green bird owned me in all 5 seconds.

I walked in and asked the shop assistant about her, he told me she isn’t handfed or tame, that she is somewhere around 6 months old and that they got her that morning.  I looked at her and felt like she was looking right through my eyes, into my soul. I left the pet shop that day thinking; ” Oh, well, she isn’t handfed…she was raised by her parents at the breeder. What if she never decides to like people? That’s just too much for me to handle!!”  The next day she was in my car,  going home with me.

I must admit that bringing her home isn’t going to make my Top 10 most rational decisions, but it will make Top 10 best decisions list. She has thought me so much in the last 4 years, and she did it in a way noone else could.

First few months were quite bumpy, she wasn’t tame and was quite afraid of humans of all shapes and sizes. Slowly, she gained her trust in me, she saw that I wasn’t going to hurt her and we learned to enjoy each others company. Gaining her trust was a learning process, as much as for her as it was for me. It was a very slow process that lasted for months, but in the end we made it. She is a wild animal that decided that I’m worthy of her trust and love.

Looking back, I can honestly say she does own a piece of my soul and most likely, could get away with murder if I was the judge.


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