He was a boy in need of a home

I knew of Lino even before he came to me. He was my friends senegal parrot. After a short period spent at her home, due to her very young children and the demands that come with that, Lino was looking for a new home. I completely understand that she had to do what was best for her and her family and most likely any mom in her shoes would do the same. At that time I was looking into the Poi family and decided to get what ever I find available when I decide to get one. Reason for that was the fact that here are only a few Poi breeders and getting one ment a lot of traveling on my part.

She contacted me one Wednesday asking if I was interested in adopting Lino. I was thinking it over for a day or two and  Sunday, that same week, I was in my car driving to get Lino and take him home. As you can see, it really wasn’t a big thinking process for me.

I think he changed my perspective on parrot ownership all together in the time he has been in my home. He isn’t anything I thought he would be; he’s always on the go, go, GO!! A VERY hard chewer munching on everything and anything that gets in the way of his beak, he’s quite the talker for his size, very playful, stubborn and at the same time cuddly and friendly. Oh, and I almost forgot- curious like a little cat!! It’s quite difficult to get anything by him without him noticing! It will be almost a year since he joined our flock and I have found my self liking all the things about him, I thought would drive me mad! Talk about irony 🙂

I have put a lot of effort to socialize him over the last year and I see that produced a very trustworthy parrot. He readily steps up to anyone, doesn’t have a favorite human, nor will he attack anyone. I enjoy observing him growing up, I see how his likes and dislikes change and how his personality is slowly building and shaping it self. Every day I learn something new and he truly brings a lot of happiness and sunshine in my life.


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