When everything else fails- willow and hazelnut to the rescue

Ringo, my IRN is 5 years old.  This means that hormone season is such a wonderful and unforgettable  time with her. To make coexisting much, MUCH more pleasant, I try to keep her beak busy with chewing, not screaming.

To do so, I often call my two best friends- willow and hazelnut.

Willow branches are the green ones and hazelnut are the brown ones. Both trees are quite easy to recognize.  If your parrots love willow coins, than they will also love hazelnut wood. It’s a soft, snappy wood with not to thick bark. My parrots love to chew on it and it keeps their beaks busy.

Because spring is slowly coming and it’s getting warmer each day,  branches are filled with little buds. Those buds are nutritious and  a great fun to chew. I love this type of all natural toys, not just in a sense that the branches weren’t treated with anything, but also that this is how they would play in the wild. I’ve noticed that they like this types of toys very much. It’s a lot of fun to watch them chew on willow and hazelnut, taking their bouquets slowly apart.

I tied branches together into small parrot bouquets and hung inside of their cages 🙂 Ringo wasn’t too cooperative when it came to taking pictures of her, fortunately Lino stepped up to the plate.


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