New Avian Organics order!

Few days ago, I’ve received my Avian Organics order. I just love how wonderful, healthy and nutritious their products are! Both of my parrots adore everything I ever got from this store and I just love  how easy it is to feed a healthy, balanced and organic diet, which they will actually eat without any fuss what so ever!!

So, here’s what I’ve ordered:

I wanted to try their new Apple Orchard Spice bread for a long time, so this order was the perfect opportunity to do just that. I’ve already baked it (I have pic I have to upload, so I’ll do that during the next couple of days) and my entire kitchen smelled like apples and cinnamon! Yuuuum!!! I have so many ideas for parrot recipes, so I bought apple and blueberry fruit powder for that. Can’t wait to do some cooking with them!

Cazuela is a staple around here, both of them love it and I use it as a foraging food. New things I wanted to try was the Pear’ngs and Pura Vida. Pear’ngs are a wonderful blend of dried pears, coconut, sesame seeds, amaranth, chia seeds, bee pollen and hemphearts. I topped it over their fresh foods this morning and they loved it, even though that wasn’t a surprise at all, as they gobble down everything I give them from Avian Organics.

Jungle Trails is a wonderful nut mix, made of almonds, dried chilies, puffed kamut, coconut, dried bananas and goji berries. When you open the bag, smell of the mix is amazing! Every time I order I pick a different nut mix for them to try out and Jungle Trails is their favorite by far! Mango Ginger Minis are a pellet alternative, perfectly sized for different types of foraging toys.

All of this products, along with some locally bought organic seeds, make their dry mix. I used to mix everything together in one large container, but I won’t be doing that any more, because keeping all the products separate makes it a lot easier for me to fill their toys with different items every time. I believe they get a much more diverse diet!


2 thoughts on “New Avian Organics order!

  1. Though both Mika and Raptor refuse to eat any of the AO baked treats I’ve bought in the past, I haven’t tried the Mango Ginger Minis yet! Those are definitely on my list for the next time I order more bird breads!!

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