DIY Willow wreath

I had a bunch of fresh curly willow branches, so I decided to make a fun toy for my two parrots- a simple willow wreath.

You need an even number of twigs, so you can separate them into 2 groups and all you do is twist around each other. When you twist it till the end, form it into a circle, so you get a wreath. After that just keep adding branches until you are completely satisfied with the thickness of your wreath.

A closer look of the wreath

 To make two wreaths it took me 10 minutes all together, so it’s not that difficult- you just twist branches until you’re satisfied how it looks.

My IRN Ringo enjoying hers


2 thoughts on “DIY Willow wreath

  1. What a wonderful group, I’ve just send a request to join! I’m glad you like it, it’s super easy to make and my parrots loved it.

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