Edible flowers database

I’ve  decided to create an online edible flowers, plants, grasses and herbs database. Most information you can find online are made with North American flowers in mind, to be precise, plant names are often very colloquial and when you google it, you can come across more than a few different types of flowers and not be sure which one is the one that you wanted. I’m working on a list of plants that are safe and can be found throughout most of the world.

How will it look like? I want to keep it as simple as possible. My goal is to show that adding fresh plants to your parrots diet isn’t as hard and doesn’t request a lot of work on your part. We do know that parrots eat fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts in the wild, so it only makes sense that we try to copy some of that into our homes. There are healthy foods all around us, we just need to open our eyes a bit more.

There will be a link in the sidebar, to the entire list. Easy to find and browse through. I will add photos and plants as I find them, because I will only use my own photographs. The list will include : name of the plant in a few languages and it’s Latin name, so there will be no need for Google translate, as it tends to lead you to a completely different plant. This way any confusion about a specific plant will be cleared out.  Along with photos of plants, I will list their health benefits, how to use them and a few other information, everything I post will be linked to a specific article/site where I have found information I’m sharing here.

Keep in mind that all of plants you give to your parrots have to be picked far away from any roads, not treated in ANY way; either with pesticides or any other chemical, for that matter. Plants should not be exposed to harmful fumes or near industrial plants. Use your common sense here, if it doesn’t feel right, probably it isn’t. Wash all of the plants thoroughly and cut the ends of before you give them to your birds.

Easier way is to plant them on your balcony /garden/ patio, this way you are 100% sure what you are feeding them is safe. Most of these plants are weeds, so keeping them alive isn’t a problem.


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