Common Plantain

Name: Common Plantain (eng.)/ Trputac (cro.) /Breitwegerich (de.)

Latin name: Plantago major

There are few different types of Plantain that are edible, parrot safe and have beneficial properties. Basically, it’s a weed and it grows around most parts of the world. That makes it easy to find and offer to parrots. They grow anywhere ranging from meadows, next to road curbs, pastures, even on dried out meadows, too.

Both leaves and stems (with seeds) are edible. Common plantain has wide, roundish leaves. Easy to spot.

There are a lot of beneficial traits of plantain; for years it has been used to help sooth stomach problems, as it counteracts the effects of stomach acid. I’ve also read that a tea from leaves of plantain can help clear out toxins and purify blood and some articles I’ve read on the subject suggest that plantain is one of the best cures for issues with blood and limb poisoning.

It is loaded with vitamins such as vitamins C, K and B, also it is high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. As you can see, plantain is a very beneficial herb for you and your parrot. One of the most common usages of plantain is to help with blisters, wounds and any other skin problem, even sunburns. It is also a wonderful aid in kidney health. I could, honestly, go on and on about benefits of this plant. I’ve fed plantain to my parrots without an issue for a very long time. It seems to me that they really enjoy its flavor and I’m honestly glad they do. I try to mix and match different herbs, flowers and grasses, so they can pick and choose what it is that they need and want. It’s very enriching for them and that’s just one of many plus sides of feeding fresh plants.

If you don’t have access to untreated lawns, meadows or pastures, look at your local herb or tea manufactures, Mountain Rose Herbs being one of those stores who sell plantain in North America.


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