New Crystal’s Bird Toys order

Few days ago I received a wonderful parcel from Crystal’s Bird Toys. However, I just got around to post about it 🙂

Everything looks amazing. So, here are the pics 🙂

I ordered a Make it Snappy and Make it Snippy. One is made out of balsa and the other one is out of pine.

And a large HOOT bag. I don’t think my picture shows how many toys were in the hoot bag!! One thing that completely blew my mind was that Crystal color cordinated all the toys; blue ones for Lino and pink and purple ones for Ringo. She, even included two of each toy, so both of them get their own. That’s BEYOND amazing customer service.

Ringo NEVER plays with store bought toys, no matter how many custom toys I buy, she’ll only play with some foot toys. She will, however, play with toys I make her, especially if she sees me making them. I hung the Make it Snippy on their playground and she flew to it, started destroying it and didn’t move from it for an hour!!! I’m very pleased to see her destroying a toy with so much gusto!

Thank you, Crystal!!!

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