A CBT order

I’ve received my first Crystal’s Bird Toys order! I’m super excited about it. All of the toys look amazing, super colorful and I think both birdies will have an awesome time playing with them.

I’ve got a foot toy hoot bag. I’m not sure what size the bag was, though, but it came loaded with foot toys. By the amount of them, I’d say it was the large hoot bag.

Next on the list was the Make it Snappy! This is a really nice, big, tightly strung toy. It has a lot of chewing possibilities and I love it!! It ended up a lot bigger than I imagined to be, what is always a plus.

The Scavenge is a perfect foraging toy. It has an almond hidden on the bottom of the toy and another one hidden inside.  It comes stuffed with crinkled paper so you can hide additional treats, like I did.

Small Squeak Squiggle

I also got two Fred’s Foragers toys that I didn’t take pictures of. All in all, I’m very pleased with my order and I think birdies will be, too.