Fresh picked from the garden

One of many perks of having a garden is that you’re able to grow what ever you like; from fruits and veggies, to beautiful flowers and trees.

This morning I went down to the garden and I’ve cut a few roses, lilies and willow branches, as well as harvested the last of my strawberries.

When it comes to parrot safe plants, please take into consideration that some of many lily species are not safe, however day-lilies (hemerocalis) are safe for your parrots. Lilies you see in the picture are not safe for parrots!  I’ve cut it, so I could put it in my vase.  Roses, on the other hand, are parrot safe.

Some parrot species, like indian ringneck, in the wild eat flowers as a part of their diet, so if you have a chance, offer parrot safe plants to your pets. If you are not sure if a certain plant is safe for your feathered companion, I found a wonderful list on Kitchen Physician.

Both Lino and Ringo enjoyed strawberries! I’ve placed them in a bowl on my kitchen counter and allowed them to pick what ever they liked. I think this is another very easy form of enrichment and they really liked it.

Strawberry season is coming to an end, so it’s good that everyone made the best out of it! Strawberries are easy to grow in a pot and they produce just as well, so you can plant them on your balcony if you don’t have a garden!


Coconut oil breakfast!

I love coconut, I really do. It is very healthy and has a wonderful taste. You can use it in so many different ways; from cooking, baking to making your own skin care.

Recently I bought a new jar of organic, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, both for my self and my parrots. If you’re buying it, try to find extra virgin coconut oil, because it’s a much better quality, nutrient vise. I can’t speak for the price, but here, difference between extra virgin and regular coconut oil (both were organic) was a little less than 3$. Usually, coconut oil is readily available at health food stores.

Today, I made breakfast for my parrots using coconut oil. I used coconut oil, Avian Organics fruit Apple fruit powder, Avian Organics Pear’ngs and come cinnamon. I used a spelt cracker/ toast to place all the ingredients on it. I’m not sure in what category it exactly goes under, but it’s made only out of spelt flower and some water. You can buy them at any health food store. Hopefully, you can tell from the picture.

 I make this for myself, also. If I’m making it for myself, I sprinkle some flax seed on top. This is Lino’s favorite snack and he’ll gobble it down! Ringo isn’t too sure about it, but I keep offering and maybe she’ll start to like it in the end. Coconut oil is sticky, meaning parrots can’t pick out just seeds without some coconut oil and fruit powder getting stuck to them. Pear’ngs is a wonderful blend made of sesame seeds, puffed amaranth, chia, hemp, bee pollen,…