Fresh picked from the garden

One of many perks of having a garden is that you’re able to grow what ever you like; from fruits and veggies, to beautiful flowers and trees.

This morning I went down to the garden and I’ve cut a few roses, lilies and willow branches, as well as harvested the last of my strawberries.

When it comes to parrot safe plants, please take into consideration that some of many lily species are not safe, however day-lilies (hemerocalis) are safe for your parrots. Lilies you see in the picture are not safe for parrots!  I’ve cut it, so I could put it in my vase.  Roses, on the other hand, are parrot safe.

Some parrot species, like indian ringneck, in the wild eat flowers as a part of their diet, so if you have a chance, offer parrot safe plants to your pets. If you are not sure if a certain plant is safe for your feathered companion, I found a wonderful list on Kitchen Physician.

Both Lino and Ringo enjoyed strawberries! I’ve placed them in a bowl on my kitchen counter and allowed them to pick what ever they liked. I think this is another very easy form of enrichment and they really liked it.

Strawberry season is coming to an end, so it’s good that everyone made the best out of it! Strawberries are easy to grow in a pot and they produce just as well, so you can plant them on your balcony if you don’t have a garden!


How my parrot friendly garden is coming along

Earlier this spring, I’ve planted a few parrot safe plants, along with some healthy berry fruits. Today was such a lovely, sunny day so I decided to take a few pictures of how my plants are coming along.


I’ve planted this wonderful berries this spring and they are growing fast! When I planted gooseberries, the plant was small, but it grew very fast! It’s in a semi-shaded spot, with sunlight in the morning and afternoon, after 4, so it’s in shade for the hottest part of the day.  I will be replanting it in the soil in the fall, but for now it will be in the pot, as it’s growing quite nicely. Gooseberries are actually a bush, so if you’re planting one, you should keep that in mind!

Gooseberries are packed with vitamin C and are a significant source of fiber and potassium.

Berries are very similar looking to grapes, but inside gooseberries have a lot of tiny seeds, whereas grapes have one bigger seed.


Strawberries are the easiest berries to plant! I plant them in pots, because it’s much more easier to manage them. Strawberries tend to grow very fast, so if you purchase a few plants and plant them, next year you’ll have twice more plants.  Because of their fast growth, they use up nutrients in the soil very fast, so by planting them in pots, it’s very easy to change their soil every season. 

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese,… They’ll do wonders for your health; from helping your cardiovascular system, blood sugar and they are also excellent anti-cancer food.

Blackberries and Raspberries 

Blackberries are  truly a super food! They contain enormous amounts of antioxidants, they are also packed with polyphenols, who help preventing cancer and heart disease. They are  high in vitamin C, E, K, manganese and fiber!

I’ve also planted them in a semi-shade like all of my berry plants, so they get sun in the morning and again, after 4 p.m. They, like all berry fruit, need a fair amount of water to be able to grow. Like strawberries, if they like their position, they will grow really fast.

Raspberries are another super easy to grow berries! They are, by far, my favorite fruit,  I think I could eat them all day, every day! They are, too, filled with antioxidants and vitamin C!