Things for Wings order!

This was actually a combined order. What happened was that I purchased a part of the haul during side-walk sale and asked Danita, owner of T4W to hold it for me for a little bit so I can add to my order later on and save on shipping. Well, that’s what I did and a HUGE box of goodies arrived yesterday!

I had to pick my parcel up at the post office where I met a cool clerk. What granted her the “cool” status? Well, she saw that on the box it says parrot toys and told me she also has parrots.

I asked her ” What kind ?” expecting the usual answer I get- a green one. Much to my surprise, she told me she has a small flock of cockatiels and she has a huuge aviary for them. Luckily, I was the only one at the post office, so we started talking about parrots and caring for them and it all ended with me opening my box there…at the post office!Danita has super power packing skills, so I had to carry a box with parrot toys hanging from it to my car.

She loved the toys and I gave her one of Danita’s business cards, so she can order from there, also.

And now the pics!!!

Passion flower shred and chew is a great toy and much larger than I thought it would be. I also got 10 of pine foot toys that are stuffed with colored beads. I should have ordered more as they are going crazy over them.

Lino’s toys 🙂 He’s like a termite and destroys all his toys, even if made out of harder woods VERY quickly! I really like the pine toy, it’s made on SS rods and has beads between pine blocks.

My favorite toy- a custom toy for Lino! It has pine, yucca, cottonwood, willow, hardwood beads and vine balls tied together with various ropes; seagrass, leather, hemp and coco rope. It’s very tightly packed and it will keep him busy!

Ringo is a more into shredding than destroying wood, so I got her those kind of toys…filled with paper, seagrass, balsa 🙂 and they are in girly pink and purple colors!!!

And the last is also a toy for Ringo- a busy basket 🙂 a shredders dream

I love all the toys I got and it will keep them very happy for awhile 🙂


Parrot Treasure has arrived!

A treasure indeed!

I’ve known of Parrot Treasure for awhile, but something was always more important to order. Finally, 10 days or so ago I took the plunge and ordered some foraging toys for my two feathered creatures.

I’ve ordered some hanging and some foot toys. I wasn’t expecting this toys to be so big. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box this morning.

Their toys originally come prefilled with pine nuts, but I asked for plain toys, so I could filled them with goodies. My favorite is the parrot toy, it’s so cute. Holes are big enough to stuff them with nuts, seeds, small veggie/ fruit pieces or anything else you want.

Pictured are Little pops, Yum Yums and Nutlettos. I didn’t take a picture of all of them, pile was simply too big!  I was amazed by how big of a wood pile all of the foot toys made.

This toys are wonderful, not  only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also they are very cost effective, their price really isn’t bad at all! They provide wonderful chew and foraging opportunities, one of these toys is a lot of wood to chew. I also like that everything is strung on a leather lace, so there are no chains, no trap/choke/etc hazard, just 100% safe toy.

I think both of them will really enjoy their new toys, so much to chew and destroy!

A little gift