Parrot Treasure has arrived!

A treasure indeed!

I’ve known of Parrot Treasure for awhile, but something was always more important to order. Finally, 10 days or so ago I took the plunge and ordered some foraging toys for my two feathered creatures.

I’ve ordered some hanging and some foot toys. I wasn’t expecting this toys to be so big. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box this morning.

Their toys originally come prefilled with pine nuts, but I asked for plain toys, so I could filled them with goodies. My favorite is the parrot toy, it’s so cute. Holes are big enough to stuff them with nuts, seeds, small veggie/ fruit pieces or anything else you want.

Pictured are Little pops, Yum Yums and Nutlettos. I didn’t take a picture of all of them, pile was simply too big!  I was amazed by how big of a wood pile all of the foot toys made.

This toys are wonderful, not  only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also they are very cost effective, their price really isn’t bad at all! They provide wonderful chew and foraging opportunities, one of these toys is a lot of wood to chew. I also like that everything is strung on a leather lace, so there are no chains, no trap/choke/etc hazard, just 100% safe toy.

I think both of them will really enjoy their new toys, so much to chew and destroy!

A little gift

A postcard from the Mediterranean

We moved, for the duration of the summer, to our seaside house at the Island Krk. We’ll come back home in the beginning  of September, so until than we’ll be enjoying sea breeze, sun and fresh air.

Trip here went reasonably well. It was a 2 hour drive from our home to here. Because of high temperatures and very busy traffic, we started our trip very early in the morning, so it was easier on both them and me. Ringo is used to traveling to the seaside, we do this every year, so she didn’t make a big fuss about it. On the other hand, this was Lino’s second trip, so he was a bit more excited, which was understandable. We had to pass through 13 tunnels, what proved to be VERY interesting to Lino, he would climb up in his cage to get a better look of the red lights passing us.

Once we got here, it took a day to get used to their new surroundings, but they are perfectly fine now. In the morning I let them out while I clean their cages, prepare their foraging toys/baskets, clean water bowls and what not, than, once back in their cages, I roll them out on our terrace and they enjoy the fresh air and sun until afternoon, when the sun shines more on the terrace, so it’s better for them to be inside. Temperatures in the sun get quite high!  Also, by that time I’m all ready to go swimming! In the late afternoon, I let them out again and they are out until dinner/bed time.

I like this arrangement because they get the best out sun and they prefer being outside than indoors.

Flowers you can see in both pictures are petunias and lavender with some silver millet.